About Us


Our Purpose

Our goal is to introduce Jesus to all people in a spiritual, as well as, practical manner. Spiritually, by presenting the Bible message of who Jesus is, and the abundant life He made available through sacrificing His own life on the cross, and on the third day rising from the dead. We believe in the power of His message to create new life, hope and peace in the lives of all people who hear and receive it.

Practically, by aggressively pursuing the person of Jesus in our everyday lives; following His principles and teachings to inspire a living testimony of His abundant life abiding in our hearts!

What We Believe

Bible: The Bible is the infallible Word of God, recorded by men as they were inspired by divine revelation of the Holy Spirit.

God: There is only one True God, revealed in three persons that agree as one; God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost (Commonly known as the Trinity).

Jesus: Jesus is the Son of God; born of a virgin; lived a sinless life and gave Himself on the cross as a propitiation for our sin. Jesus was resurrected on the third day and is at the right hand of the Father as our Advocate.

Man: Man was created in the image of God but fell to Satan’s deceit, ushering sin and evil into the world.

Salvation: Every person can and should experience salvation and eternal life through faith, believing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only door to salvation.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a special gift, following salvation, that empowers the believer to be bolder and more effective witnesses for Jesus through the manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit in the believer’s life.

Divine Healing: Divine Healing is part of the provision that was purchased for the believer in the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross.

Hell/Lake of Fire: Hell is a literal place that consists of literal fire and torment. It was created as a place of eternal judgement for the devil and his angels. We also believe that possibly the greatest torment of hell is the absence of God.  It’s never been the will of God that anyone makes hell their eternal dwelling. A person chooses hell by rejecting God and His provision for eternal life. At the completion of this age, “Death and Hell shall be cast into the Lake of Fire”, the eternal destiny of Hell and its inhabitants.

Heaven: Jesus is preparing a new Heaven and a new earth for everyone that believes in Him. Every believer from all previous generations to the present will “Forever be with the Lord” dwelling in the perfection and glory of Heaven!

Service Times & Location

Sunday School at 9:45 AM

Sunday Worship at 10:30 AM and 5:00 PM

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM